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November 16 Mill Creek, WA: Intro to Sports Mechanics and Massage

November 17 Mill Creek, WA: Advanced Sports Mechanics and Massage

Sports Massage Training

Have you wanted to take your massage game to the next level? Perhaps you have never worked with athletes before. Or you have but want to deep dive into Mechanics and Processes behind sports massage at an elite level. You want to feel empowered when an elite or competitive athlete, enters your clinic.


Say a young soccer player named Rachel comes into your practice. She has a championship game in two weeks, and has had general massage before, but her left hip flexor is hurting. What do you do? How would you help Rachel? 

You would need to know:

  • Has she seen a doctor or is working with an ATC

  • Where is she at in her season

  • What does her body alignment look like

  • What type of massage techniques has she had before

  • What movement is causing discomfort, and why

  • How does her sport move- is it unilateral? bilateral? What position is she?


These things could be overwhelming as a therapist, but does not have to be! Sports massage is Exciting! It addresses orthopedic and movement like none other. Come join us over this next year as we launch a Dedicated, FUN, and Educational Sports Massage Certification. Classes will be in a mixed Online and on-site training process so you do not have to be local to earn credits. You will gain knowledge that you can Quickly and Immediately apply in your massage practice with really good results.

My name is Jenny Mapes, owner of CrossFunction Sports Massage. I am a 17 yr movement specialist and trained for the 2012 London Olympics in the high jump. I've worked with hundreds of athletes from the weekend warrior to Professional and Olympic level athletes. My passion for sports and sports prehab drove me into the massage therapy profession as a standard massage was not cutting it. I saw one massage therapist who changed my views of massage, and after that experience, I strove to become the Best Sports Massage Therapist possible, and to use my movement and athletic background to empower other therapists in their practice.


Question: What athlete wants to wait to get injured before seeing a medical professional... when You can help prevent injury in the first place? You could help accelerate their healing process and have them get a leg up on their competition! We have spent several years building a dynamite sports massage team using these skills and techniques with extreme success, and am excited to now share them with you, so you may have that success for your clients as well. We are athletes! And as athletes we are goal-oriented, with gold medal standards. We are excited to bring this goal-oriented and gold medal sports massage training into your life. Sign up for a live training or take the free online training to get started on your sports massage journey!

Your success is Our success- we look forward helping gain your sports massage toolset today.

Live Training

Sports Massage Courses

Sports Mechanics and Massage- Introduction

$145, 8 CE’s, NCBTMB Certified

Learn different movements for various sports, which muscles are affected within movements, when to massage and what type of massage during the cycle of an athlete's season, and what to avoid if injury or overuse has occurred. Learn athlete body types, energy systems and how to massage each system, sport ethics, and much more!

Detailed Course Information Here 

Sports Mechanics and Massage- Advanced

$145, 8 CE’s

This is the advanced class of the Sports Movement and Massage training. Moving into more detailed mechanical movements, you will feel, assess, and determine best massage strategy for area of movement. Learn different modalities of sports massage including sidelying technique and working with the psoas, perform TriggerPoint, Muscle Energy Technique, Pin and Stretch, Dynamic Active Stretching, and also be introduced to various tools such as cupping, kinesiotaping, and scraping. You will practice an athletic environment setting with 10 minute table time per athlete. This is a packed day with a Lot of useful massage techniques!

Detailed Course Information Here 

Sidelining-The Secret Bread and Butter of Massage

$90, 4 CE's

Sidelining is an effective way to reach the deeper structures of the hips that is both relieving for the client, as well as easy on the practitioner when in correct alignment while performing maneuvers. Proper practitioner and client positioning is practiced utilizing table adjustments, pillows, and other supports to best gain access and deliver incredible results. 

Detailed Course Information Here

Deep Swedish and Body Mechanics

$135, 8 CE's

This course focuses on specific ways to integrate deep tissue, pin and stretch, and other techniques into a flowing, gliding massage perfect for all types of clients! Work on body mechanics, saving thumbs, and rhythm to prevent injuries to your own body while your client receives amazing work. This is a great way to get massage and give massage while receiving credit!

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It takes six people to have a live class near you- invite an LMT friend and request your favorite course here! We can travel anywhere besides NY and FL. It only takes nine registrants for a class to be in your area.