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You want the Sports Recovery Center now? SO DO WE!!! Join us to help your and our success! With your contributions, our target open date is March 2020.
Our goal is to get 100 pre-sales of steeply discounted recovery center memberships (buy 6 months for the price of 5), and 200 VIP PREMIER GOLD CARPET launch party tickets (info here). 
These funds will help with: Buildout costs, Specialty certifications for the Team Zone, Awesome mirror kiosks for the Foundation Zone, top of the line Compex wireless muscle stimulators in the Flow Zone, and staffing capital for training and opening the center.
Come with us as we embark on a revolutionary adventure of advanced technology and recovery in the nation!
We cannot describe it... see for yourself! visit this link:
To directly purchase introductory 6 month rates (under Membership Section) and VIP GOLD tickets (under Product section) click this link:

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