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Gold Carpet Premiere Event

Be part of our EXCLUSIVE community gathering for our CrossFunction Sports Recovery pre-launch! You are valuable and we will treat you like gold at the Gold Carpet Premiere Event.
Your admission will contribute to our capital funds for amazing equipment, which you will see and experience first-hand.​
We will have food and beverage upon arrival.
Participate in the Gold Ribbon cutting ceremony at noon!
Afterward, you will have access to 15 minute ongoing presentations in each of the six zones. Learn about the zones, and experiment with the recovery tools and team zone equipment.

Exclusive use of the FREEZE ZONE will be available throughout the Premiere Event for just $30!!! Come try out the zone and receive a free T-shirt!
You will also be on the list to free trial classes including Joga, Stick Mobility, Armor Build, and Dynamite Stretch.
Come with us as we embark on a revolutionary adventure of advanced technology and recovery in the nation!

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