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Thank you for your interest in working with CrossFunction Sports Massage, PLLC! We strive to be the best massage therapists for athletes and for the general health and wellbeing of those wishing to have therapeutic massage. Our company’s motto is “Born for the Athlete” where all our therapists are, or were, in an athletic venture at one time. We understand what our clients go through, and wish to give the best care at every massage. We are a well-educated team of Licensed Massage Therapists who continually seek to receive quality education in our respective fields.


Our business model is creating a team atmosphere where injury, sport, and other clients receive the highest service. Most of our massages are performed on top of the table with shorts and a tank top, although some clients still appreciate the traditional model, which we respect. We use movement cupping, taping, stretching, flossing, MFR, ART and other advanced techniques. 


We are prompt, professional, self-motivated, respectful to both clients and colleagues, and genuinely love to help others. Our company values are community-oriented, education-minded, excellence-driven, heart for first responders, and personal stewardship.

Please scroll below for salary, benefits, and other information, to see if CrossFunction Sports Massage is a great fit for both individual and company.


Many blessings!

Jenny Mapes


Career Openings

Sports Massage Positions

Mill Creek Location

Sports Massage Therapist: Currently any day of week for 3-5 days (PT/FT).

We have expanded our office capacity! 
$37-52+/hr DOE + bonuses, tips, and competitive benefits including health insurance (medical dental vision) once reach over 20 hrs/wk of clients. We have Advanced and Elite Sports Massage Therapist levels depending on sports knowledge and requirements. We have goals per level and a clear path of upgrading salary and levels.



Continuing Education: We reimburse $250 for Sports or Orthopedic CE's every two years after the first year of working with us. We also pay for additional training and courses that our company wishes XF Team Members to attend. With a 1 yr contract from time of interest we allow the therapist to take the nationally accredited week-long sports massage certificate program, usually taught in-house at the Mill Creek Campus.


Onboarding: Every new XF Team member learns sideline, the way we movement cup and scrape, general assessments, and takes some of the Core Sports Curriculum, along with 2-3 days of operational training prior to becoming an XF Therapist.

Flexible Times: Our therapists are treated as adults. You do not have to be in the office if you do not have a client. If you have an appointment or need time off, we are flexible, it simply requires general requests (tenure does make a difference). We pay hourly for those hours usually available on Thanksgiving and Christmas as admin hours when we are closed.

Career Advancement: We are working tirelessly to have  a successful sports recovery center and sports massage locally, then across the country; both company-owned and select-franchise-owned. We have developed an exceptional nationwide Sports Massage Curriculum CSMA ( for those interested in conducting research, operations, being a part of course T.A. or instructing. We are working with correctional exercise movements and prehab training for those interested in IC work. We also have IC ability for nutrition consulting using Precise Nutrition software, depending on your interest and certification. Your hands are important to us and therefore hours without clients can be used doing the other non-contact time occupations within the company. Every position within the company is geared towards helping others heal. There is NO CEILING at CrossFunction Sports Massage!!!

There is always room to grow into full time positions if desired. Pay is competitive according to skillset of sports courses/curriculum vitae. Future company advancement opportunities are available depending on skillsets. 

NOTE: We are an Entirely Different Style of massage so it does not compete with any of your current Non-Compete clauses. You will be learning XF Sports Massage cupping, sideline, pin/stretching, IASTYM, sports massage guidelines/procedures, etc. We expect our staff to adopt these with clients and not be the typical massage inside the massage rooms. Most of our clients (about 60+% are expected to be in sessions in tank tops and shorts on top of the table, this is our brand, and why our clients come to us. There are many regular massages out there- we are sports massage. Our staff love this style and helping people heal orthopedically, and set them up for success in their athletic event- or day-to-day active lifestyle. We are an Awesome group who get along great with each other!

If this sounds fantastic, speaking your language, and you want to be in a group of wonderful colleagues,

Please send your resume to

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