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Frequently Asked Questions

Does CrossFunction Sports Massage Accept Insurance?


We no longer accept any new healthcare insurance clients. We have valuable and reasonable cash pricing. Our goal is your optimal performance in your activities with the best quality care provided. We will provide you with a receipt that you may submit to your insurance for possible reimbursement.  


Existing clients must have a valid doctor's prescription, know copay, and provide a copy of your insurance card or changes to your card at time of service. We reserve the right to have an additional $15 sport application per insurance massage that is not covered by insurance plans.

What payment types does CrossFunction Sports Massage accept?


We accept cash, cards, and HSA cards. 

How can I make an appointment?


We use Vagaro processing and cash for our regular operations, and have all clients book online for themselves through this link. Questions on using the Vagaro system and Vagaro support may be found at this web link: Vagaro Support  

You may download the Vagaro App on your mobile device to see all your past appointments made in the Vagaro system. Any appointments prior to May 14, 2019 are in our former system of Square and will have to be checked manually by our staff.

Is there a no-show policy?

Yes, a standard 24 hr. cancellation policy applies. After one time of delinquent, no-show, or prior 24 hr cancellation, we charge a $40 no-show fee. We also reserve the right to cancel an appointment if arrival is more than 10 minutes late. Please be courteous of our therapists as their time is valuable, and is only fair to other clients who may have wanted your scheduled appointment time. Thank you for your understanding!

Does CrossFunction Sports Massage cover L&I or PIP/MVA claims?

Yes, we are approved for both L&I and motor vehicle accident claims, provided we have the claim number with a doctor's prescription for massage and amount of sessions allowed. These qualify as medical massages at our standard medical rates for injury recovery purposes. We do not accept medical insurance so please make sure you are out of netowrk for massage where we will provide you a receipt to turn in if needed and your LNI or PIP/MVA has run out.

Do I have to be in the room if my child is a minor?

Any child under the age 18 must have a parent consent, and under 16 must be present in the room at time of service for liability and state regulations.

What should I expect for my first time session?

Please arrive 10 minutes early. Your therapist will greet you at time of service and verify that you filled out the initial client intake form. They will provide an assessment and perform massage techniques tailored to your goals. You may be in a sports bra/tank top and shorts on top of a table, or underneath the covers for a Swedish massage. Sessions may include various modalities such as cupping, kinesiotaping, scraping, percussive instruments, or other tools and modalities that the therapist is thoroughly trained in for contraindications and use.*

How do points work?

Buy 12 massages, get one free. On a point system, so 30 min massages are 10 points each, after 120 points they may be redeemed for a free 30 min massage. 60 min massages are 20 points each, after 240 points they may be redeemed for a 60 min massage. 3 packs are equivalent to 3 of those types of massages.

What type of oils or lotions do you use?

Our products are from the company Biotone and Bon Vital; including the Deep Tissue or Advanced Therapy formula for lotions, and Clear Results massage oil. WE DO NOT USE CBD OF ANY KIND IN OUR PRACTICE, nor will put in on clients if they bring their own in.

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