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Health Insurance Clients 

  • We are no longer accepting health insurance clients, are fully out of network. 

  • We DO accept HSA/FSA cards

  • At end of full payment cash service, we can provide clients with an emailed receipt called a Superbill. This is for you to provide your insurance provider to work with them to submit and receive reimbursement directly.  REMEMBER: YOU MAY NEED A DR RX to get your reimbursement!

    • Massage CPT code is 97124

    • Massage sessions are 4 units

    • Our Group NPI is: 1316476112

    • Our therapists NPI's are as follows:

      • Gretchen Y 1154685535​

      • Jenny M 1275949349

      • Tahoe T 1609347616

      • Cindy C 1649608589

      • Sarah K 1750831616

      • Kyle C 1326655770 

    • Our address is: 805 164th St SE #100, Mill Creek, WA 98012. Phone: 425-595-3436 Fax: 425-332-7010

    • Please see available ICD 10 codes on the download for if you don't have a Dr Rx. They will look something like M94.50 (low back pain)

Motor Vehicle Accidents, L&I

  • We provide MVA or L&I/workers injury services under our medical massage. We will need your Active claim number and Dr. prescription at time of service, as well as lawyer info if you have one. We cannot massage without those items. If your car accident PIP has been exhausted, we only allow up to 6 massages through a lien from a lawyer

  • Prior to booking, please come with the following:

    • Dr RX​

    • Claim number and claim manager information

  • Upon service there is the agreement that the client pays for any massages not covered or denied by the MVA or LNI claim.  

Agreement Policies


  • A standard 24 hr. cancellation policy applies. By creating an appointment you have thus agreed to let staff know 24 hrs in advance if an appointment time will be changed or cancelled. You also understand that any time running late will be late within your session time, and has the potential of being rescheduled and deemed no-show if more than 10 minutes past appointment time.

  • Additionally we have a $60 cancellation or rescheduling fee if appointments are canceled or changed within a 24 hr period. This includes all clients to be invoiced, regardless if workers injury, motor vehicle, insurance, or cash.

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