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Sidelining- The Secret Bread and Butter of Massage: $90, 4CE’s



Jenny Mapes, CPT, LMP, 10 year movement specialist, 2012 Olympic Training athlete, 8 year athletic clinician.


A half day intensive course focusing on sidelying technique to bring optimal relief to your clients. This technique can be applied in a fully dressed sports setting, or in a more traditional spa setting. Both draping and sports setting will be addressed.


Course Outline

Sidelining is an effective way to reach the deeper structures of the hips that is both relieving for the client, as well as easy on the practitioner when in correct alignment while performing maneuvers. Proper practitioner and client positioning is practiced utilizing table adjustments, pillows, and other supports to best gain access and deliver incredible results.


This is not only a great prep class for structural alignment programs such as Zen BodyTherapy and Ralphing, but a useful day-to-day modality in facilitating structural relief within key areas of the body: hips, shoulders, and neck. This course utilizes triggerpoint therapy, pin and stretch techniques, and myofascial release in a specific order to gain most effective results. Participants will utilize the pain assessment of 1-10 throughout treatment, so they never go beyond their client’s ability to relax through the movements. Participants will learn the structures they will be addressing, then work as if in a sports setting with a partner to get into correct positions and postures, switching for the other partner to experience feeling and movement of structures halfway through. Class performed in a read, see, do format utilizing both lecture and hands-on experience.


All participants must have current licenses, and dress in comfortable clothing including sports bras for females, and lightweight t-shirts or tank tops for everyone, as well as wearing workable shorts such as running or yoga pants, staying clear of bulky waistbands. Please bring: two pillows,  a set of sheets, and standard fragrance-free massage lotion.


Jenny Mapes has been a movement specialist, personal trainer, and coach for over 10 years, teaching sport clinics throughout the PNW and in Coaches Choice training videos nationwide. Jenny trained for the 2012 London Olympics in the high jump and has worked with individuals ranging from the general public to elite and pro athletes from multiple sports to help them gain confidence by improving movements for better performance. Jenny received a B.S. from the University of Oregon, is a certified ISSA Elite Trainer, graduated massage school from Alexandar School of Natural Therapeutics, and certified in Zen BodyTherapy and Scar Tissue Therapy.  


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Save 10% if purchase 2 courses or more at once: enter PROMO Code: 2ORMORE

Save 10% each course if license is 6 mo or earlier (new LMP special): enter PROMO Code: NEWLMP

Save 10% if currently employed with a spa chain: enter PROMO Code: MYSPA10

Save 30% if repeating a course: enter PROMO Code: REPEAT

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